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Our Goals

Helping Clients Succeed - to provide a range of business modules sold under license providing cost effective solutions to business.

2015 - ValvTechnologies - Zero Leakage Valve Solutuons

  • DocMastR is used by the global leader in the design and manufacturing of zero-leakage metal-seated ball valve solutions for severe service applications.
  • Total Client and Vendor Document Management.
  • Late / Look - ahead Reporting.
  • Databook Management.
  • Bespoke Reporting.

2015 - Planned Maintenance - as used by a major oil field services company

  • Tracking information such as the cause of the problems, downtime involved, and recommendations for future action.
  • Tracking of PM inspections and jobs.
  • Document storage and retrieval including step-by-step maintenance instructions/procedures, check-lists, lists of materials required, and other pertinent documentation.
  • Asset management: Recording data about equipment and property including specifications, warranty information, service contracts, spare parts, purchase date, expected lifetime, and anything else that might be of help to management or maintenance workers.
  • Status reports giving details or summaries of maintenance activities.
  • Work orders, Scheduling jobs, assigning personnel, reserving materials and recording costs.
  • Scheduling of jobs automatically based on schedule and/or meter readings.

2014 - Timesheet Workflows

A fast, easy to use web-based project management and time tracking solution

  • Designed for Energy Services
  • Track time and view time-sheets online
  • Identify planned vs. actual time
  • Progress against schedule
  • Review timesheet workflow - approval workflows for project timesheets at the document level
  • Review timesheet line workflow - approval workflows for project timesheets at the line item level
  • Fully integrated with CostMastR

ParrotCode Hybrid Technology

ParrotCode hybrid technology - uses the “Cloud” for web access whilst employing Company owned “On-premise” Servers for critical data and document storage.

Hybrid technology could be needed to comply with specific client requirements in terms of data management, archiving and access to data.

True Security - with DocMastR Cloud your information is hosted on our replicated servers - across multiple providers (ISPs) for reliability.