Our Products

ParrotCode - "Cloud" and “On-premise” server based products for Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC).

DocMastR - The Document Management System

  • The idea behind DocMastR is to store documentation and connect project teams using document management.
  • DocMastR offers security and uses secure communication techniques, provides document storage and for legal reasons is a document tracking tool. For example - Federal, state and corporate regulations require companies to retain electronically stored information for up to seven years.
  • Currently, DocMastR is used in Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management.
  • Track and Monitor design changes related to system, area, engineering data and documents.
  • Online Reporting of Construction Completion Status (Mechanical / Electrical Completion).
  • Online Non-Conformance Reporting – or Punch list.
  • Automated Vendor Document Register (VDR) - manage and control of vendor documentation.
  • A full featured Web-based document management system.
  • Automated Handover and Data-book Management.
  • Late / Look-Ahead Reporting.
  • Look-Ahead reports are pro-active and alert document owners of the documents due within the look-ahead period, thus they assist in forward planning individual’s workloads.
  • Late reports result in a reactive response. Documents appear on the Late report either because the forecast issue date was unrealistic in the first place, in which case it should be re-forecast, or, because Client, company or Vendor are overdue creating or reviewing the document.


Project Scheduler

Visualize and manage hierarchical project documentation
  • Document Scheduling made simple.
  • Visual look-ahead, late and milestone reporting.
  • Automatic Non-Conformance Reporting.
  • Drag and Drop Documents by Status Code: IFI, IFR, IFA, IFC and ASB.
  • Designed for Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC).

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Quality Management - Non-Conformance Reporting

  • As used by a major worldwide manufacturing company with headquarters in Houston for automated tracking of:
  • The reason for the NCR or what went wrong
  • Why the work doesn't meet specs
  • What can be done to prevent the problem from happening again
  • Explanation of corrective action(s) taken or to be taken
  • Key players involved and specs affected under the NCR
  • Automated individual NCR based workflows
  • Task and Performance Management
  • Cost Tracking and Reporting

CostMastR - Project Controls

  • Gives the benefit of
    • Measurement and control of projects
    • Improved margins
    • Improved cash-flow
    • NO Surprises! Better forecasting - once a project is 10% complete, the overrun at completion will not be less than the current overrun!
  • Reduce guesswork in
    • performance
    • forecasting
  • Efficiency, tracking and control of costs.
  • Consistency across projects.
  • Automatic Project Non-Conformance Notifications/Alerts with alarm/highlights for delinquent entries, missed milestones, missed payments, overspend against corresponding AFE.
  • Change Management.
  • Progress Payment Tracking and Certification.
  • Hold Back Billing.
  • Breakdown of costs by cost code and sub cost code.
  • Risk Management - Identification, Tracking, Assessment of Impact and Mitigation.
  • Automated Field Work Tickets - secure data collection.
  • Construction LEM Management - user configurable workflows
  • Fully integrated with MS Dynamics (GP & NAV).

Hybid Technology

  • Optional - ParrotCode hybrid technology - uses the “Cloud” for web access whilst employing Company owned “On-premise” Servers for critical data.
  • Hybrid technology could be needed to comply with specific client requirements in terms of data management, archiving and access. Systems sold and used worldwide.